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BMCI is located at J.A. Clarin Street, Dao District, Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Open from 7:00 am to 5;00 pm (no lunchbreak), Mondays to Saturdays.

Te.l & Fax:(038) 501-9524
Email: bmci@boholmedicalcare.com

Indigent - Centered Medical Missions

BMCI has hosted several indigent - centered medical missions, in partnership with various public and private institutions. In 2011, it partnered with JCI-Bohol Kisses, Homereach Foundation, Bohol Tri-Media Association, and Bohol Chronicle Radio Corporation, benefiting over 350 indigent patients.


Operation Tuli (95 children benefited) - in partnership with JCI-Bohol Kisses - April 9, 2011.


Cleft Lip Surgical Mission (10 patients benefited)
- in partnership with   Homereach Foundation - July 7-8, 2011.


Pulmonary Function Test
(50 patients benefited) - in partnership with   Bohol Tri-Media Assc. - July 9, 2011.